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Francis Angol is Dance Artist, Somatic Movement Educator and Health & Wellbeing Specialist. He is also Artistic Director of Movement Angol where our very own Esme is associate artist. 


Since the company's formation, Movement Angol has been an inspirational vehicle for the development of dance as a social, personal and educational tool of development, providing high quality full scale dance performances, classes, courses and training programmes for young people and adult audiences of all ages. The company's work also extends into the area of health and wellbeing, with the company's dance health programme 'Body Rhythms'.


The company's work is deeply rooted in the spiritual of the self, a way of life that taps into the unspoken dialogue between mind and body, to form a cultural synthesis in movement form. This approach forms the basis for the company's 'Embodied Flow' technique. A way of engaging with body, space, breath and rhythm, which offers individuals a fresh and creative access to their bodies.