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 Hello from beCOmotion 

beCOmotion is a community-led space offering virtual group movement sessions that are suitable for all. We have a desire to make movement, fitness and physical well-being approachable, accessible and inclusive by working with the community we serve.


Our endeavour is to create an environment where we can all contribute to the success of the community and the individuals within it; a place for us to come together, explore our bodies and improve both physical and mental well-being. We aim to facilitate spaces where at the heart is learning, curiosity, exploration and validating individual bodily experience, empowering all and putting you back in the driving seat of your body.

[be] to exist in time and space

[co] together

[motion] in a moving process

[commotion] causing a sudden excited movement that disturbs the peace.

[beCOmotion] together, let us take our space in the world!

In Unity,

The beCOmotion Team

· Our Team ·

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  • Co-Founder & Management

  • Dabbles in graphic design, platform management, social media, and CRM 

  • Currently listening to Hamilton on repeat

  • Favourite class: BE

  • Co-Founder & Teacher

  • Teaches: EMBODY: barre and BE: restore

  • I offer a curious and holistic approach to the body and movement that aims to empower the individual in their own bodily knowledge

  • Guest Teacher

  • Teaches: MOVE: release

  •  My work offers not only personalised body conditioning, but encourages body awareness and integration

  • KWAM collective:

Sheriya C-P.jpg
  • Guest Teacher

  • Teaches: EMBODY: barre

  • Check our my favourite Spotify playlist here!

  • My movement philosophy is, "Empower the body and mind, have fun!"

  • Guest Teacher

  • Teaches: MOVE: dance

  • Movement for all ages and abilities, I am passionate about empowering the body to move with natural freedom, filling body & mind with fun filled energy

IMG_4030 2.jpg
  • Guest Teacher

  • Teaches: BE: yin

  • Yin Yoga is a journey of self-exploration on a physical and mental level.

  • Allowing you the space to discover and connect with new layers in your body and mind

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