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Current Work


KWAM Collective

Esme is co-director of KWAM Collective where she delivers most of her creative work.

KWAM Collective is a group of independent artists from the fields of dance theatre, live performance, digital art and therapeutic bodily practices. Whilst pursuing individual creative work, they share a deep research interest in the human body, its place in society, and its potential for creative expression. They use a unique trans-disciplinary approach to conduct artistic projects and deploy findings and strategies in the community.

Their creative and community-focused projects have been supported by UK art organisations including East London Dance, ECHO, Redbridge Drama Centre and the Arts Council England. Their most recent work SOMA, an experimental movement film (forthcoming in early 2023) is based on a contemporary myth of the genesis of the human body.

The Embodied Dancer and Language

An exploration of how language is formulated within bodies and embodied movement practices, focusing on:

  • How language informs our bodies

  • How we move between body & language

  • How movement & language can liberate individuals, artists and communities

Gaining an insight into how dancers inhabit their bodies, develop an awareness of themselves and how this can inform the creation of environments that centre the wellbeing of the artist 

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