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Pain is deeply personal & individual, definitely not fitting into the one size fits all narrative! Here at beCOmotion we believe that YOU are the expert, YOU know your pain best, for YOU are who lives it... so here is what we offer:

Movement to support individuals living with pain. 

Classes are kept small & will consist of 4 sessions over 4 weeks with the same group of people.

There will also be two 20 minute one-to-one sessions per individual during the course.

A collaborative environment will be created to:

  • Share experiences

  • Explore movement

  • Develop language

In an endeavour to have more choice & move out of silence.

Let's reclaim our bodies.

 Online Classes For Pain Management

Giving space and acceptance to our individual experiences. 

Validating our own stories through a shared space of support.


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A mixture of low impact, body-weight strengthening & more individual/expressive movement will be explored to find ways of moving that allow us to find support, ease and joy in our bodies. 


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Developing language that allows us to describe what is felt in the body. 

Creating autonomy & confidence in being able to express our own knowledge & experience of our bodies & pain.


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Finding ways through  movement & language to find more space within our pain.

More awareness

More space

More choice!


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If you are interested in joining us or would like more information, please leave your details...


The cost of the course is 

£70 per person.

This includes:

4 classes (60 mins each)

2 one-to-one sessions (20 mins each)

We also offer 2 places per group with a 50% discount

(please contact us if interested)